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(Guys we are making big changes to linkshell I do not approve of how things have become, with that said we are making changes on admins - members. The little clicks that have formed in linkshell are not welcomed, I dont mind u playing together but running dyna aby clears etc etc without asking linkshell if they wanna come is over .      We used to be a big family now we dont even know each other,   LETS FIX THIS GUYS - I DONT WANNA GIVE UP ON OLDSKOOLERZ ..............

   Guys its my pleasure to be here with you , lets all come together and make this happen> I know you all want to have everything done at once but its ffxi (it doesn't happen that way) So if we are organized about it, life will be easier for all .  Use this website to tell us what u need - set the runs you need. I don't mind helping but we cant leave people behind. Work together n we will all prosper from this trust me .  Also I will be announcing  admins n whos in charge of what soon . We need to work as a team that has been my goal for this linkshell . so many linkshells are out for 3-5 main people thats it. I want all of u to have everything u need, So there will be no selfishness  in linkshell ONE hand washes the other . 

Thanks Again for being awesome PERK 

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Welcome new guys to linkshell

perken7, Aug 10, 12 10:51 AM.
PLease in forum section post what u need done so we can schedule it, we wanna help but also need to get everyone together who needs so we r not running 20 times a week .  Thanks n have fun 

G10 run today at 4 -pm est Try n make it

perken7, Jul 6, 12 12:14 PM.
Gather together at 4 pm est in lower jueno -- bloodtemplar needs it --- NOt sure who else ,

Dyna san d oria Tonite at 9 est ,, for the win

perken7, Jul 5, 12 2:37 PM.

MAvi Seals ,--Any seals would like to set somethign up

perken7, Jul 5, 12 1:41 AM.
If u need mavi seals please let me kno leave a comment . This will be happening soon , also let me kno what seals u need OK 

Congrats to Royal,asp, n aga FOR G10

perken7, Jul 5, 12 1:00 AM.
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